Requirements For Activating Sam’s Club Credit Card

To access the services delivered by the firm, you must complete the important requirements such as:

  • Sam’s club credit card is in working condition.
  • Zip code and phone number
  • Last four digits of your SSN.
  • A good internet connection will not fail while doping all of these methods.

Activate Sam’s Club Credit Card Using

While many individuals struggle to figure out how to activate Sam's Club, the necessary procedures are outlined below.

  1. Firstly, visit
  2. Next, on the login page, you must click the ‘Register now’ button to move to the next screen.
  3. You must enter the necessary information on this page, such as the Sam’s Club Credit Card number. It is a 16-digit number present on Sam’s club credit card.
  4. Now, press the ‘Submit’ tab, and a new link will be prompted to you.
  5. Then, enter the ZIP Code in the provided box as stated on the card’s statement.
  6. Press the ‘Continue’ button when done.
  7. You must fill out the small application online form for a valid purpose.
  8. Here, you require entering details such as Your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number in a detailed format.
  9. Next, set the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ for the card and choose the ‘Agree’ tab to follow all its terms and conditions.
  10. At last, press on the ‘Submit’ option to submit the application form successfully.

Sams Credit Cards Login - Sam's Club MasterCard Online Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

To be clear, the Sam's Club® Mastercard® and the Sam's Club® Store Card are two separate and distinct financial tools. The Mastercard has no restrictions on spending outside of the warehouse club since it is a "open-loop" card. The Sam's Club Credit Card is a non-rewards credit card that may only be used at Sam's Club and Walmart.

A Sam's Club card cannot be used at Costco since only Visa cards are accepted there. It offers 3% cash back on eating out and ordering takeout, but just 1% cash back on everything else, including purchases made at Sam's Club.

Sam's Club made it so that loyalty cards stored in the Scan & Go app are automatically linked to your account. To put it another way, if you have a credit card stored to your S&G account, you may use it at, and vice versa.